Real Estate management

Real estate management is not a novel idea. For as long as the rental market has existed, property managers have been managing pertinent data. However, as new technology become more generally available, real estate management skills advance.

Today’s real estate management software connects property managers and renters in ways never seen before. This is due to the fact that current real estate management software integrates the same technology that is used in customer relationship management (CRM). Property managers can now provide their renters with the type of high-level customer care that is essential for creating long-term business partnerships, thanks to CRM for real estate management.

Why you need ISF real estate management solution?

ISF Consultant provides crucial features from a single platform, with game-changing differentiators that competing Single Family property management software just cannot match.

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    Hierarchical Structure

    Instalments Plans

    Sale Commissions

    Dashboards / Reports

    File Refund / Cancel / Merger

    Data security is critical in real estate management software.

    ISF is one of the most trusted residential management software in Pakistan. Renting a house involves a considerable quantity of personal information, which means renters have a lot riding on property management data security. More than only the tenant-manager relationship may be jeopardized if data is destroyed, lost, or (worst of all) stolen. So, we ISF consultants assure you the trust that you are putting on us won’t be broken at any cost.

    Analytics are embedded into real estate management software.

    It’s critical to have simple access to property and customer data, but unless you can utilize that data to influence your decisions, you’re only obtaining a portion of the value. Of course, sifting millions of data points for that unusual insight is a more time-consuming task than most property managers have.

    Built-in analytics tools handle this for you. These technologies may automatically filter through all accessible data to uncover links, causes, and hints that you would have missed otherwise. Built-in real estate analytics provide the information you need to act confidently by forecasting marketing changes, tracking tenant behavior, and delivering accurate reports at the touch of a button.

    ISF’s software is simply Powerful

    Our personalized dashboards, limitless custom reports, and self-service owner portal give crucial information and visibility for monitoring your business and impressing owners and investors.


    Our customization tools are unrivalled in the market, allowing you to create customized workflows and automated procedures while providing greater service to property owners and tenants.


    ISF’s open data access and two-way data interchange streamline the management process (Open API). Connect with the software systems of your choice to decrease duplication, reduce the danger of human data entry, and boost productivity.


    With a single sign-on, managers can monitor local operations and get holistic data for multi-regional expansion and growth.


    In-house industry specialists that are available and responsive provide industry best-practice training, installation, and real-time product phone support services.



    ISF’s residential management software is a comprehensive, integrated solution that allows you to manage the whole property management lifecycle in a single system, in real time.


    Automate everything on your team’s to-do list, from tasks and notifications to reports and fees, to save time, money, and resources.

    Real Estate Management System

    Manage all of your paperwork and communication needs in one location.

    Spending Monitoring

    Put your spending in a programme that was created with that goal in mind. Filter by property, category, and time, then attach receipts. And export them as a CSV file for when tax season comes around.

    Document Control

    You may access all of your crucial papers by uploading them. You may either keep them private or share them with your Client.

    Hierarchical Structure

         Option to define multi-level Setup

         Horizontal and Vertical structure setup



    Land Record

         End-to-end solution for land acquisition to town planning

         Keep track of land as per GOP rules

         Details of land in each unit

         Land Purchase Management

         Plot-wise Management

         Registry Management

         Detail Town Planning for Development

         Land Information on Unit Inventory

    Instalments Plans

         Flexible Payment Plans

         Integrated Payment with files/members and Financials

         Auto-generated Invoices

         Flexible Late Payment Surcharge Management

    Sale Commissions

         Commission Calculation based on payments or Invoice

         Multi-Agent Commission

         Auto Settlement of Commission

         Details Information related to Agents

         Configurable Commission

         Invoice / Payment based

         Auto-generated AP Invoices

         Payment History

    Dashboards / Reports

         All reports and letters are to be generated from the system

         Interactive management Dashboards

         Strick document controls

    File Refund / Cancel / Merger

         Two or more files of the same person can be merged into one file

         All payments transfer to another file

         Option to deduct a fee for the transaction

         Deduction Management for file refunds

         Approvals and Notifications


    Whenever your tenants pay you, even if it’s not through our real estate management software, send them a receipt. It provides you with accurate records and enhances your professional appearance.

    Payment History

    Within our Payments Dashboard, you’ll have a transparent “paper trail” of all of your payments. It will be kept in the same location where you keep your vital papers, applications, screening results, and tenant information.

    Exceptional Security To securely transmit money and guarantee that the information about you and your renter is secured and safe, we use the market leaders Stripe and Plaid.

    Continual Reminders

    Any overdue fees will be brought to the renters’ attention by us. To save you the trouble, we’ll keep nagging them until they pay.

    Increase Productivity with ISF

    Discover the benefits of an all-in-one, open-platform property management solution for your company. Make your own custom fields, dashboards, and reports. Manage several sites in a comprehensive and regional manner.


    Software is mostly used by landlords and property managers to increase productivity and improve property management. Landlords and property managers will profit greatly from contemporary property management systems. Therefore, it is crucial to pick high-quality software that is both efficient and affordable for your task.

    The necessity of purchasing property management software for property management.

    Your thoughts will be blown by the remarkable advantages of the real estate property management software. Following are some significant advantages of purchasing the software:

    Rent collection online

    Rent collection online is one of the main advantages of property management software. Rent collections will be easier to complete on schedule with the ease of online tenant payments, and your company will look more professional.

    Make property management tasks automated.

    You can automate your property management tasks using today’s property management tools. It is a useful technique for enhancing the bond between renters and landlords. Make life a whole lot simpler for yourself by using practical property management software.

    Simple track maintenance

    The property’s upkeep might be a huge problem. Most individuals don’t want to provide the tenants their personal phone numbers. By offering the maintenance portal, a property management system will assist you.

    Many property managers find that managing their daily chores requires a lot of task juggling. Users of property management software may automate several business processes that would otherwise take hours of labor. To maintain and manage your home and commercial properties, a property management software is essential. The use of property management software has several advantages.

    • Spending less time on administrative tasks and paperwork
    • Management of Variable Rates
    • Increased online presence
    • Simple to navigate
    • Tenant screening and marketing
    • Upkeep of Accounts

    Property management software may do wonders for simplifying your operations, enhancing your communications, and increasing your efficiency, depending on the unique difficulties you’re seeking to tackle.

    Save time

     The ability of PMS to automate so many tasks that are now performed manually is one of its main selling advantages (rent collection, tenant screening, application collection, late fee application, lease renewals, work order assignments, etc.)

    Improve communication

    Tenant requests or changes are sure to slip between the cracks if all you have to manage your properties is a spreadsheet and a cellphone. Tenants will be pleased and your job will be easier if your PMS has a tenant portal that makes it simple to organize and keep track of any demands.

    Be more efficient

    Especially when it comes to accounting and administrative tasks. With PMS, you may do more in less time and avoid double data entry (particularly on systems that link with programmes you might already use.

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