Why ISF is the accounting software of choice for enterprises

General Ledger / Accounting System

A general ledger is a company’s financial data record-keeping system, with debit and credit account records certified by a trial balance. It keeps track of every financial transaction that occurs during the life of a running business and stores account information required to generate the company’s financial statements. Transaction data is separated into accounts for assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, income, and costs based on type.

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    Everything at one place

    ISF is the best accounting software solution in Pakistan. Run things smoothly, keep documents organized, and make compliance a snap.

    Connect to your financial institution

    Set up bank feeds from your bank accounts so that transactions are safely integrated into ISF every business day.

    Real-time collaboration

    Use ISF to collaborate with your accountant, bookkeeper, or staff, even if you’re on different continents.

    Tax compliance

    Sales tax legislation is fully complied with. GST administration for filers and non-filers. GST Tax withheld from Supplier Payments with a single click, you may obtain Sales Tax Return information.

    Advance Users Rights

    Advanced Role Management for Multiple Users Select View / Add / Edit / Delete for detailed user rights at the module level. Control who has access to which banks, locations, and customers.

    Project Accounting

    Multiple projects can be run concurrently, each with comprehensive reporting, project cash flows, nominal operations, and a detailed profit and loss account.

    Bank & Cash

    Maintain a computerized Cash Book with a complete record of payments, receipts, and transfers in bank or cash ledgers. Cash flow management and bank reconciliation

    General ledger software

    The ISF’s general ledger software in Pakistan automates fundamental accounting procedures and offers a flexible framework that can be tailored to the requirements of each firm. Account types, transactions, and reporting segments can all be altered to suit particular company needs. With real-time bank connectivity, rules-based transaction matching, and auto-posting of journal entries, you may lessen your reliance on human data entry. Professionals in finance and accounting can create precise reports, keep correct financial records, and close the books on time with the help of ISF general ledger software.

    Challenges ISF General Ledger system Solves

    Manual procedures that are inefficient. Automate routine operations including preparing consolidated financial statements, resolving bank and credit card accounts, and writing journal entries.

    Chart of Accounts that is complex. Allow for infinite accounts and sub accounts while doing away with the necessity to record operational information for reporting.

    Strict GL structure. Configure account codes, transaction kinds, GL implications, and reporting segments to meet the business structure of your firm.

    Strict GL structure. Configure account codes, transaction kinds, GL implications, and reporting segments to meet the business structure of your firm.

    Features of ISF General Ledger

    The core component of every accounting system is the general ledger. It needs to be flexible, scalable, and dynamic. Companies can adapt quickly to changing business needs thanks to the flexibility, insights, and control provided by ISF general ledger.

    Integration of Banking

    Get quick insights into your financial flow via general ledger accounting software. Connect to tens of thousands of financial establishments all over Pakistan, have ISF import bank and credit card data automatically, and match up statements and general ledger accounts. A sophisticated rules engine analyses bank data with recorded transactions, automatically resolving items that match, and highlighting exceptions so that they may be handled.

    Multiple Books

    With ISF multi-book accounting features, you can do away with duplicate data input and the need for risky manual updates to your accounting and reporting procedures. With prebuilt mapping features connecting primary and secondary charts of accounts and book-specific functional currencies, managing books that are in line with different accounting standards is made easier. The ISF’s general ledger accounting software multi-book engine logs all book-specific activities, such as revenue recognition, expenditure amortisation, depreciation, P&L allocations, and more, based on a single business transaction from the general ledger.

    Taxation Systems

    Wherever your customers and partners conduct business, keep accurate tax records with the proper information in the appropriate currencies, saving time and reducing mistakes. ISF general ledger accounting systems makes it simpler to comply with tax laws for income and other transactions.


    Multidimensional examination of financial and operational data is possible with custom reporting segments. Consolidate subsidiary financials automatically, and generate reports using several accounting standards. Set up reports to be created and sent by email every day, every week, or every month.


    ISF has the best accounting software in Pakistan as it provides quick, easy, and effective accounting software to manage your business.

    Accounting software is a computer application that assists accountants in documenting and reporting financial transactions for a business. Accounting software requirements differ from one organization to the next.

    ISF provides the finest solution if you’re seeking for accounting software for small businesses in Pakistan. It is a comprehensive accounting and business management solution for SMEs, and it provides enterprise-level capabilities and modules that keep the programme within small business owners’ price ranges.

    Without a doubt Yes! ISF’s accounting software can track all the accounting details automatically.

    Your ability to monitor the cash flow across your records and keep tabs on your company’s financial health is made more difficult by ISF’s accounting solution. It can generate an invoice, keep tabs on expenses, and provide a number of reports that help you analyze different aspects of how your business is run. You can manage your goods and keep track of your bills thanks to several.

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