Human Resource Management​

This human resource management software automates time-consuming HR processes with only a few mouse clicks.

What Advantages Do Our HR Software Offer?

While there are numerous advantages to adopting human resource management software in Pakistan, one of the most important ones is its capacity to cut down on the amount of time spent on monotonous, ineffective administrative duties, allowing HR professionals to concentrate on more productive tasks and longer-term strategic goals.

Other significant advantages include the following:

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    HRIS software has only become better

    ISF’s human resource management systems may help you streamline your operations and simplify your procedures. Our software enables you to rapidly and securely arrange your data in a single, simple system.

    ISF’s human resource management system software is simple to use! Your human resource staff will save time and money with Employee Self-Service, Manager View, customizations, and simply fantastic reporting.

    For real, real-time HRIS software

    With real-time software, you may obtain current data from your best HR management software without worrying about erroneous or outdated data. Get the exact data you need from your human resources information system when you need it.

    You don’t have to be a large corporation to profit from a human resource management systems. Or to afford it. ISF’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations.

    Advantages of human resource management software

    Do you want to know if a human resource management software is good for your company? There are several benefits to consider. For starters, human resource management system allow you to centralize all of your data points, allowing you to develop more useful reports and analyses.

    Additionally, when the structure is simplified, data accuracy improves. Most significantly, human resource management software allow HR professionals to devote less time to spreadsheet administration and more time to higher-level project management.

    Modules for training

    Although ISF’s software is simple to use, we recognize the value of human resource management software database training. That is why we provide comprehensive online human resource management system software training and client assistance at every step of the journey.

    Our video lessons, forums, training webinars, white papers, and dedicated customer support team all work together to ensure you have a positive human resource management software experience. We also provide customized training sessions and in-depth webinars to help your employees learn how to use the ISF system. More information may be found on our resources page. Additionally, when the structure is simplified, data accuracy improves. Most significantly, human resource management system software solutions allow HR professionals to devote less time to spreadsheet administration and more time to higher-level project management.

    ISF is ideal for small businesses

    While ISF is scalable for enterprises of any size, it is especially well-suited for small firms. Anyone who has worked in a small business understands that you wind up wearing a lot of hats. This is especially true for human resource specialists.

    ISF human resource information system enables small firms to effectively allocate HR resources by reducing the need for countless spreadsheets to be organized and maintained. Instead, devote your time to what truly matters: assisting others.

    Maintain records in the HRMS database

    Access human resource management software designed to make it simple to monitor HR information such as personal data, PTO, employee training, job duties, benefits, contact information, hiring checklists, documents, and much more.

    What about document storage? It's already included!

    Do you need your employee database software to keep records? Health forms, disciplinary records, performance evaluations, certificates, driver’s licenses, and other documents can be saved. Share documents such as employee handbooks via Employee Self Service. It’s a piece of cake.

    Flexibility, control and customization

    It is simple to customize your human resources information system! Configure your system so that it is ideal for you. Finally, human resource management software that does not give you a headache but rather alleviates it.


    By automating the process and giving your HR personnel more control, payroll software reduces human involvement and the faults that go along with it. What used to take the HR department 3–14 days to compute would hardly take more than a few hours. Automated solutions increase the precision of important details, securely store sensitive payroll data, and carry out intricate computations using pre-defined and programmable procedures.

    Better control over the payroll process is extended by payroll software in Pakistan, which enables you to configure adjustments without seeking IT help. Using this adaptable software, businesses may easily meet changing business demands as well as legislative obligations. 

    Leave Management

    The financial health of the firm is correlated with leave management. However, prioritizing leave requests and making sure the personnel is adequately available cannot be done with limited visibility. The procedure is automated using leave management software, which also offers transparency. These software programs give workers a self-service alternative for applying for, monitoring, and managing their vacation days. These requests can be viewed, approved or rejected, and tracked by managers and HR personnel.

    Businesses may tailor their leave kinds, holiday list, and process (which routes requests straight to managers for approval/rejection) with the use of leave management applications like ISF. Insights on employee performance and diligence may be gleaned from the analysis of departure trends by HR staff. These tools assist businesses in keeping track of all kinds of leave requests (paid, sick, and vacation), ensuring that the leave policy is followed without upsetting workers.

    Time Management Sheet

    The performance of employees is tracked, recorded, and monitored through Attendance management software in Pakistan. To assess productivity and calculate the number of labor hours required to complete a given activity, effective timesheet software synchronizes the number of employees in a company with their working hours. It may be used to set up a procedure for timesheet monitoring and approval, keep track of working hours, get information about leaves taken, and correctly compute their compensation.

    Platforms like ISF have the possibility to link with other programs to record and evaluate employee performance, project performance, or even task performance, and output the report in any format. These programs may help businesses identify their staffing and scheduling requirements, simplify payroll processing, and reach wise workforce and workload decisions.

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