Distribution Management

Distributors confront a variety of issues, including supply chain disruption and workforce shortages, making it increasingly difficult to provide the products and services that customers want. Our distribution management software enables you to revolutionise your business, differentiate your services, and create your reputation.

Distribution industry functionality is included into our streamlined ERP. We make it easier for businesses to provide new value-added services, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve operational excellence.

ISF (DMS) distribution management system provides an intelligent and resilient decision support platform coupled with mission-critical operational solutions to manage, control, visualise, and optimise small to large distribution networks and smart grids in a reliable and secure manner.

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    Model-Based Approach

    Electrical asset information integration with network connection and visualisation

    Situational Awareness Intelligence

    Predictive analysis for what-if scenarios and future situations

    Advanced Functions

    Applications for advanced decision support analysis and adaptive optimization

    Enhanced Availability

    Reduced restoration costs and improved system failure reaction time

    Increased Reliability and Efficiency

    Reduced downtimes and operational hazards have increased electricity dependability.

    Enhanced Safety and Security

    Real-world simulations help to improve system safety and security.

    Simulator for Operator Training

    Intensive dispatcher operation training

    Better Asset Management

    Substation asset command and control

    Cybersecurity built-in

    Secure grid management built on a platform that is secure by design

    Collaboration Assistance and Mobility

    Platform for shared network management and visualisation with increased field mobility

    Protocol and Vendor Ignorance

    Strong compatibility with older protocols and OEM hardware

    Prepared for the Future

    Implementation and interaction with third-party systems were made possible.

    Management of Customer Relationships

    Manage prospects, customers, and contacts anywhere, at any time, and on any device, from opportunity to quotation to order.

    Order Management in Sales

    Streamline your quote-to-cash processes, increase profits, and perfectly execute orders.

    Financial Administration

    Streamline your financial processes and obtain valuable insights into your company’s success.

    Management of the Supply Chain

    From forecasting to fulfillment, manage your supply chain Management System more effectively and optimize inventory.

    Wireless Warehouse Administration

    Manage warehouse activities such as receiving, putting away, picking, inventory changes, cycle counts, and other tasks.

    Inventory Control

    Thousands of SKUs, stock and non-stock goods, simple and sophisticated bill of materials, precise specs and photos, and vendor catalogue integration are all possible.

    Features and Deployment to Meet Your Specific Requirements

    ISF Consultant distribution management system was designed from the ground up to address the issues faced by consumer products importers and distributors. With built-in features such as embedded EDI, retail compliance management, extended lead time forecasting, and chargeback management capabilities, the system simplifies and optimizes your whole supply chain. To better meet your needs, our distribution ERP may be put in the cloud or on-premise, with our experts on hand to assist with deployment.

    Supported by Experts in Your Corner

    Our products are supported by a professional and committed workforce that knows your business and its particular difficulties. Our ERP experts conduct assessments and analyses to verify that your company operations are in line with industry best practises. Furthermore, we provide various support options, allowing you to select the degree and type of assistance required to fulfil your specific business requirements. You won’t have to rely on third-party assistance since ISF has you covered.

    Take control of direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping.

    As the industry responds to the quick transition toward DTC, arming your staff with the necessary tools to swiftly and efficiently process massive volumes of shipments will put you ahead of the curve. As a result, ISF distribution management system software Shipment Manager enables seamless connections with all major carriers and provides integrated shipping rate shopping as well as street address verification.

    Managed Services will alleviate your EDI concerns.

    Electronic data exchange (EDI) is critical for effective communication with your partners, but it may be time-consuming to administer. Our staff monitors and maintains day-to-day EDI operations and transactions (including mapping) with EDI Managed Services completely integrated into our distribution ERP system, so you can focus on operating your business.

    An ERP Designed for Profitability Today and Tomorrow

    It’s time to say goodbye to labour-intensive operations, whether you sell daily furniture, everyone’s favourite cosmetic product, or that item that goes with everything. With outmoded systems. With a great deal of customization and third-party plugins.

    To effectively succeed in today’s market, you need innovative, fully integrated software that is developed from the ground up for your business, rather than holding you back.

    ISF distribution management system software can help with this. Right out of the box, our technology is equipped to meet your individual needs. So you may be up and running immediately, reaping benefits from day one and achieving a quick ROI.

    Are you ready to start enhancing your operation's visibility, efficiency, and profits?

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