Compliance Management

With the ISF compliance Management software company, you can manage all compliance-related concerns to decrease risk and secure your organization.

Corporate Compliance Made Simple

A robust Compliance Management Solutions may promote ethical behavior among employees, improve your company’s standing with clients, and help you avoid paying high fines.

To lower the risk of noncompliance, ISF’s compliance management software collects all corporate and legal rules, practices, and regulations from throughout the business in one spot.

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    Improve corporate performance

    Reduce time, effort, and expense by standardizing and automating your risk and compliance management operations.

    Recognize new risks and possibilities

    Identify new threats and opportunities by combining data from many sources into bespoke dashboards.

    Follow all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

    With a single integrated solution, demonstrate compliance with laws, rules, and regulations to regulators and important stakeholders.

    Produce strong compliance reports

    Collect user input and create detailed reports in a number of formats, including PDF, Word, and PPT.

    Centralized Repository

    For a complete, real time picture of your risk, the user-friendly compliance management software records, manages, and documents every compliance-related activities.

    ISF Compliance Management Solutions

    Streamlines the process of compliance

    Communicates holistically

    Our software for compliance management is designed to make it simple to guarantee that all business and legal rules, processes, and requirements are followed at all times.

    Assessment Management

    Manages templates, questions, rules, and assessment mappings all in one spot.


    Manages gaps discovered throughout the assessment process and creates action plans in response to these findings.

    Management of Regulatory Change

    Monitors changes in the growing regulatory environment and communicates essential rules that have been enacted or changed to key stakeholders.

    Management of Corporate Policies

    Creates and administers key policies by including out-of-the-box workflow, attestation, and exception management.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Combines sophisticated analytics with clear and flexible report design tools to assist you in making better data-driven decisions.

    Senior Management and the Certification Regime (SMCR)

    Provides unified documentation for senior management duties as well as associated risks and controls.

    Corporate Policy Management

    Management of Corporate Policies

    Spending too much time researching policies and ensuring compliance?

    Corporate policies are developed for a specific purpose: to handle recognized risks. But how can you obey the regulations if they are hidden in paper papers, local hard drives, or shared files? Compliance software companies might wind up with a patchwork of rogue or out-of-date policies that convey inconsistent messages about permissible behavior – and expose the firm to greater liability – if there is no one repository.

    Every policy is there at your fingertips.

    ISF’s Corporate Policy Management software streamlines policy and procedure tracking and management. All relevant policies, attestations, and exceptions are kept in one place and are easily accessible. The programme has pre-built workflows and documents tasks, versions, approvals, and training.

    Corporate policies are centralized

    All policy-related activities are documented

    Improves decision-making

    Risk analytics and expertise

    Risk intelligence software for decision-making

    Provide Decision-Related Insights

    How are you meant to dig into analysis if you spend all of your time reacting to requests with haphazard reports that take ages to put together? ISF’s Risk Analytics and Insights is designed to make it simple to create reports, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks, such as translating data into action.

    Do Everything Yourself - Or Not

    Who has time to wait for IT to set up a one-time report, especially when the C-suite is demanding it? ISF’s Risk Analytics and Insights are meant to be simple to use, with no need for expert data-analyst abilities.