Building Rent Management

Make rent payments easier by allowing residents to pay their own way.

Keep more excellent residents by receiving rent and security deposits through any method they like.

Why do you have to contact so many residents every month?

Your community requires quality residents who pay their rent on time or early, but life can get in the way. Giving individuals more methods to service themselves when it comes to collecting rent will open up time for you to engage with your tenants rather than collect from them.

Cash flow might become erratic when payments are made manually.
Renters and prospects may be inconvenienced if they are unable to pay their rent.
Rent collection should not take up extra time in your day.

With a payment method that integrates nicely with other systems, simplify paying rent and your daily life.

Quicker, more practical payments

Any payment, at any time, on any device. Multiple payment options will provide your tenants the freedom to pay their rent how they want to, freeing up your leasing team's time.

Integration of plug-and-play

Utilize a payment solution that works with all popular property management programmes so you can better look after your clients, your company, and yourself without sacrificing technology.

Service at every turn

ISF Building Rent Management Customer Success will provide you with individualized attention to help residents transition from choice to adoption. The acceptance rate for ISF clients has been as high as 90%, and the team will collaborate closely with you to guarantee efficient operations going ahead.

Better take care of the residents

Lead-to-lease technology from ISF’s rental property management software enables you to manage your professional and personal life more efficiently without compromising either. And everything is adaptable enough to operate jointly, individually, or in addition to your current property technology.

Manage Your Rental Property Expertly

Streamline the process of finding, vetting, and managing tenants. Everything you require in one location to become a great landlord. View all the features we provide to help you be a successful landlord by scrolling down.

Renter vetting

Ask for a tenant screening report to ensure you have all the information you need.

Quick Screening

In the rental application, applicants confirm their identification and accept the request for a screening. So, as soon as you ask for it, you'll get it right away.

Gentle Inquiry

We utilize a soft enquiry on behalf of your applicants that has no impact on their credit score.

Prolonged Credit Report

Knowing an applicant's credit score, debts that are still due, collections, and other information can help you determine how trustworthy they should be paying their rent.

Rental Administration & Documents

In one location, manage all of your communication, leasing, and paperwork requirements.

Spending Monitoring

Put your spending in a programme that was created with that goal in mind. Filter by property, category, and time, then attach receipts. And export them as a CSV file for when tax season comes around.

Receive and Send Messages

Exchange messages with all of your tenants. All of your communications will be kept in one location.

Requests for maintenance

Tenants may quickly inform you of problems, and you will have documentation of all the upkeep you have performed on your rental property.

Document Control

You may access all of your crucial papers by uploading them. You may either keep them private or share them with your tenants.

Free Report on Rent Estimates

Utilize our rental property management software’s Rent Estimate Report to compare your rent to that of nearby properties with similar amenities. When you appropriately price it, you'll quickly fill it!

Rent payment

Make renting easy for both you and your renters.

Automatic Late Charges

Set a past-due date and late charge amount in your account to implement auto late penalties on monthly rent payments. If your renter fails to pay on time, we will mail the late charge and contact your tenant on your behalf.

Rent Tracking

You can clearly see who owes you money. You will be alerted as soon as your tenant pays or if it is late. You may also quickly record payments that aren't made through ISF’s software for apartment management.

Accounting for Rental Properties

With our integrated rental accounting software, you can reduce data input and eliminate typical mistakes.

Auto Pay

ISF is proud to offer Auto pay, a function for landlords that allows their renters to set up automatic rent and utility payments with a few simple clicks.


When your renters make a payment, even if it isn't via ISF’s Building Rent Management, send them a receipt. It provides you with clear records while also making you appear more professional.

History of Payments

Within our Payments Dashboard, you'll have a clear "paper trail" of all your payments. It will be kept in the same location as your tenant information, applications, screening reports, and critical documents.

Best Security in Class

Stripe and Plaid, industry leaders, are used to securely transmit money and guarantee your and your tenant's information is encrypted and safe.

Reminders via Email

We will notify your renters of any unpaid costs. And we'll continue to harass them until they pay so you don't have to.

Reporting of Rent

Rent reporting is the process through which we report renters' timely rental payments to credit bureaus. We provide this competitive service at no cost.

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